Vine, Wine and Winery

Whereas my winery is located in Kenzingen-Hecklingen (in the Breisgau area) my vineyard is in Riegel (Kaiserstuhl). The Kaiserstuhl area is Baden’s largest wine-growing district and famous for its fabulous wines. The Kaiserstuhl region has excellent climatic conditions for growing wine. It is one of Germany’s warmest and sunniest places, shielded from too much rain by the Vosges (a French mountain range). Loess soil is ideal ground for the production of fruity and complex red wines. I produce my own grapes focusing on ecological aspects and strive to certify my wine as organic.

Naturally maturation is of vital importance in the process of making an aromatic and rich wine. I am delighted to use my grandfather’s old quarry stone cellar, which was built in 1802. In this cellar, my wines are aging for 16 months in oak barrels called Barrique. I personally bottle the wine without filtration to preserve the full aroma.

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